We are accepting nominations for the 2016 Spokeo Search Angel Awards through

Friday November 23, 2016 [Extended to April 17, 2015].

Meet the 2014 winners!

Spokeo is proud to be able to support Search Angels and the families they assist. Nominate a deserving search angel today! See below for more details.

Spokeo Search Angel Award Winners will receive:

  • a one-year membership for Spokeo
  • a cash grant to help offset the personal costs they incur while searching
  • the opportunity for families who are matched by the angels, to elect to participate in a reunion sponsorship covering their travel costs
  • an all-expenses paid trip to attend the American Adoption Congress International Conference in 2016 to speak about their experiences.

Q.If I am a Search Angel, can I nominate myself?

YES! Please do.

Q. If my Angel charges for search and reunion work, is he or she still eligible?

Though we recognize that all search and reunion work is amazing, we are currently awarding only those angels that provide search services for free or for minimal reimbursement.

Q. What does an Angel need to do, in order to be eligible for the Spokeo Search Angel Awards?

Eligible search angels, must be at least 18 years of age and must be actively volunteering to assist those in search of their families. Professional searchers and private investigators who charge fees for their services are not eligible for the Spokeo Search Angel Awards.

Q. Are Angels anywhere eligible for the awards?

The Spokeo Search Angel Awards are open to all search angels (who donate their services) and are residents of the United States. Though we strongly commend and support the work of those providing search services abroad, at this time we are only able to award those currently residing in the United States.

Q. Does an Angel need to have matched a certain amount of people in order to qualify for the awards?

We understand that searching will not always lead to reunions. We are looking to honor angels that have truly dedicated themselves to searching and have made a difference in the life of adoptees and their families. Whether that means finding a match or simply providing the emotional support needed for an adoptee in need. While it’s not necessary to have made large amounts of matches, the review committee will take the number of success stories into consideration.

Q. Is the information that I’m submitting the only information that the Angels will be judged on?

The advisory committee will review the nominations and determine finalists who they feel have truly impacted the lives of those in search of their families. The finalists will be contacted for additional details regarding their practices and experiences as a search angel. Upon receiving the additional information, the review committee will discuss and select the winners.

Q. What will my Angel win if she or he is selected?

Aside from national recognition, the Spokeo Search Angel Award Winners will receive a complimentary one-year Spokeo membership, a cash grant and the opportunity to have the families they match choose to participate in a reunion sponsorship. Winners will also receive a trip to San Francisco to attend the American Adoption Congress International Conference in April, 2014.

Q. Are there any commitments required of the Angels that win the awards?

The Spokeo Search Angels initiative aims to honor Search Angels that help adoptees and others. We understand the great value of their work and ask only that the Search Angels selected as winners continue providing the wonderful services they do, free of charge and continue using Spokeo (they will have a free account) as one of their resources to help make more reunions happen. The selected winners of the Spokeo Search Angel Awards will serve as ambassadors of the program and will be asked to keep the Spokeo Search Angels Advisory Committee apprised of their progress and experiences as a Spokeo Search Angel.

Though attendance is not required, winners will be offered a trip to San Francisco to attend the American Adoption Congress International Conference and receive their awards.