Patricia Ann Neal

I have likened the [search] experience to a fence and on one side are adoptees and birthmothers searching and desperate for answers and on the other side are those who have found an end to their search for information. I found myself, in 2010, move from one side of that fence to the other and looking back and seeing so many people who were still trapped behind the fence being kept from their own answers and information, I knew I just couldn't walk away with all the experience I had gained.


An adoptee from Houston, Texas, Patricia Ann Neal began her first search with the decision to find her own biological family. Facing several difficulties in the process, she worked with several search angels to overcome the hurdles and this inspired her own journey to help others do the same. Along with dedicating herself to helping others search, In the past four years, Patricia has become an advocate of adoptee rights speaking to legislatures and working with several adoption groups, supporting adoptees in their search for their families.