Mary Wilson (2013 Winner)

"I am a volunteer searcher because I want stories to tell. In my life, I had no stories and now I have wonderful stories. Stories of joy and hope. Stories that will touch your heart."


Mary Edna Wilson began the search for her relinquished daughter upon hearing a coworker mention that she was looking for a sister and offering to help her. Upon finding her own daughter, she realized the great amount of healing that comes from reconnecting. She has been a volunteer searcher for more than 15 years and not only dedicates herself to making matches, which she considers the easy part, but also to helping individuals reconnect and begin a healing relationship. Her passion for doing searching work stems from the healing it affords everyone involved, including herself. She is an Edna Gladney (a well-known adoption agency) birthmother with aspirations to continue to help others and share stories of joy and hope that will touch the lives of many.