Kellie Sharpe (2013 Winner)

"I'm a reunited birth mom and I know what it's like to not know where your child is, or if they're even alive. Finding her changed everything and that's my motivation."


Kellie Ruth Sharpe was forced to give up her baby girl when she was only 17 years old. Two years later she began her search and continued for 23 and-a-half years. Upon finding her, she realized that the entire time, they had only been less than two miles apart. While taking breaks from her own search, Kellie would help others that she came across, match up as well. After finding her daughter in 2010, she dedicated herself fully to helping others search for their families. According to her, Kellie is a normal person, just a wife and mother of four who sits in her room on her laptop and changes people’s lives. It is her hope that more people will see that about her and volunteer themselves and get involved.