Connie Gray (2013 Winner)

"LIfe is short and the chance to reunite can be eliminated in the blink of an eye. Everyone is entitled to their own story. Names are changed, genetics are not."


Connie Lynn Gray was adopted from the Texas state foster care system at age nine and was denied further contact with her siblings. Two weeks after turning 18, she petitioned the courts for her original birth certificate and, within two years, reunited with her sisters and her parents. Connie has been helping adoptees and family members since the late 1970s when she would visit the Texas State Library in Austin to conduct her research. She is currently on the board of the non-profit, Adoption Knowledge Affiliates, and serves as an active member of the Texas chapter of Foster Care Alumni of America.  She is known as “Texas Search Angel,” and she believes each motivation for searching is valid and that every person is entitled to his or her own genetic history. Connie feels there is a great sense of urgency with each search because, as an emergency room nurse, she knows life is fragile and opportunities for reunions can vanish in the blink of an eye.